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  • xFIXx

    USD$ 34.99

    Designed for the recreational or beginning golfer, it’s longer and softer with more spin and control. FREE SHIPPING!

  • Lady

    USD$ 34.99

    Designed specifically for ladies with moderate swing speeds to produce a higher launch and lower spin off the driver for optimum distance and carry while providing soft feel from tee to green. FREE SHIPPING!

  • e6

    USD$ 39.99

    Designed to reduce your spin for straighter distance, it’s the perfect golf ball for most amateur golfers with the softest multilayer golf ball on the market. FREE SHIPPING!

  • B330RX

    USD$ 45.99

    Designed for amateurs with swing speeds under 105 mph who want tour performance with maximum distance. FREE SHIPPING!

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS, NO RETURNS, NO EXCHANGES due to the high cost of shipping. BALLS THAT LISTEN are shipped with the United States Postal Service via Standard Post or Parcel Select class. Plus, all golf balls and packaging are in excellent factory condition when shipped with appropriate packing material for shipping golf balls. Finally, we will not respond to complaints of balls not listening. All of our golf balls listen, but may not obey rude, harsh or inappropriate comments.

Please contact us via the Contact Us page for orders over 8 dozen of any single item